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4 tips for winterizing your air conditioner

Those tricky winter months are back again here in Texas, which nonetheless brings the age-old question – which season will we be getting today? And in the event that this is the time when cold temperatures are going to begin being par for the course, it is imperative to ensure that you winterize your air conditioner in preparation for the cold snaps.

Many of us likely do not give much thought to our AC units when the weather turns colder – after all, we don’t need it. But there are still several steps we can all take so that winterizing air conditioner units can be a breeze for anyone so they’re ready for the hot months to follow.

In this blog, we will provide what we hope are some helpful tips to help make sure it is properly protected, cleaned, and ready for the next time you need it after the winter season passes. So without further ado, let’s dive in:

1.      Start Winterizing Your Air Conditioner: Turn Off the Unit

It may seem simple – but it can no less be effective. Many of us likely forget our AC unit is even running after a while on account of enduring those sweltering Texas summers. But this step can save you a lot of time, money, and energy during a time when the unit is likely not going to be called upon for heavy lifting for at least a little while. There is simply no reason for the unit to even be running once the cold weather sets in, so be sure to flip to switch well in advance. And if you aren’t necessarily sure where the electric disconnect switch is or don’t want to accidentally flip the wrong switch, our team at Flex Heating and Air is ready to come out and check on it for you.

2.      Make sure insulation is up to par

Winter in Texas can be finicky, but no matter what, there are always going to be those occasional winter days when the bitter cold would be enough to cause some problems if the insulation in your air conditioning unit is not done right. Pipe covers and insulation can better protect your unit on those harsh winter days, sporadic though they may be in a lot of cases here. This is not necessarily a job for everyone, so don’t hesitate to call one of our trained technicians at Flex Heating and Air, and we’ll happily make a house call to ensure everything is working correctly and that your system is correctly and effectively insulated to winterize your air conditioner.

Experts suggest that homeowners can save up to 15 percent on heating and cooling costs by taking the proper steps to insulate and cover your pipes and air conditioning unit. So your wallet and family might both thank you when those summer months come around if your unit is properly insulated and sealed up thanks to our team here at Flex Heating and Air.

3.      Properly cover the unit

This is another crucial step in winterizing your air conditioner. It may seem self-explanatory, but properly covering your unit before the cold snap hits can go a long way in making sure it is working efficiently enough for you and your family’s needs. Vinyl coverings are typically advised, and you can most likely find one of them available at many a hardware store in whatever local neighborhood you work or reside in. Need help determining what cover might be best for your particular unit? Give us a call today, and we’re happy to help.

4.      Have inspections done periodically

At the end of the day, only so much can be done – at some point, we just have to simply take a step back and evaluate whether the steps taken have worked or whether additional ones need to be implemented. Have a trained technician, such as the ones we have at Flex Heating and Air, come out to your home and inspect previous jobs that have been done to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for when the truly cold weather eventually makes its way to whatever neck of the woods any of us reside in.

We are always ready and waiting to make your family’s comfort is a top priority, as well as a properly-prepared and maintained AC unit. We can come out and perform inspections at any time, and potentially suggest alternative methods by which to effectively winterize air conditioner units.

Why choose Flex Heating and Air when winterizing your air conditioner?

Even during the winter months, maintaining your AC unit is crucial to your comfort here in Houston – less for the short term, and more with the long-term in mind. At Flex Heating and Air, we will put you first. We realize you have a long list of HVAC companies to choose from, or that you may have been let down by a previous contractor. That’s why we will never take your business for granted and are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable HVAC services. We here at Flex Heating and Air take no shortcuts, and we will always be transparent about our process to ensure that we are serving your needs.

The status of your air conditioning unit may not be one of even the first things you think about on a daily basis during these winter months that it becomes second nature to turn it off – but it’s also one of the things that is most crucial to ensuring your home and your family have a working, efficient AC unit for the months to follow when the inevitable Texas summer comes around again. And isn’t a few hours or days’ inconvenience in order to make sure your air conditioning unit is properly taken care of is surely worth it for you and your family’s year-round comfort here in Houston? These are not the end-all, be-all of winterizing your air conditioner tips out there for homeowners. But they can be a first step in doing the much-needed work to make sure that both your cool air and the good times continue to flow all year long – something many of our families and loved ones will likely appreciate once AC becomes the rage all over again next summer.