Money always seems to be tight around the summertime. From summer camps to vacations and everything in between, cash is in high demand.

But in order to be able to budget for those activities, it is crucial to be frugal where possible in other areas, such as air conditioner repair. And if not done with quality, this can be a costly endeavor due to needing to recall technicians for multiple visits and other potential obstacles.

In this blog post, we will offer a few tips to help get you started on how to mitigate the potential costs of AC repairs – from doing research to taking preventative measures. So without further hesitation, let’s dive right into the post.

1. Check your air filters

Here’s one that may seem more like tedious busy work than a crucial money-saving step. But when it comes to your air conditioner and pocketbook, no step is too little. If your air filters are not getting changed every 2-3 months, the results can cause costly repairs to your system due to airflow issues and more.

That said, most are not experts on exactly what to look for when it comes to HVAC issues and heating/cooling systems. So if you think there is a potential issue arising with your unit, don’t hesitate to give Flex Heating and Air a call, and we’ll be happy to come out and check on it for you before it becomes costly.

2. Have regular maintenance on your unit

This is another tip that may seem like an old hat, but reliability is a necessary factor – both for your air conditioner itself and your wallet. Getting regular maintenance checks on your unit can head off minor problems – if they exist – before they become a major liability for you and your family during the heart of the Texas summertime heat.

And while a technician is out at your residence, they can also perform preventative measures, such as clearing debris away from an outside unit and other minor chores that can help. Further, the U.S. Department of Energy says a regular maintenance check to keep your air conditioning unit up to par can help you reduce your energy consumption by at least 15 percent. So if you can save money by mitigating the need for house calls and save energy, a simple check can work wonders.

That said, many issues are not a do-it-yourself project, so be sure to give one of our technicians a call if you need help examining or changing out your air filters and sorting out any potential issues that may arise.

3. Ensure the company you choose is reputable

This is not the end-all, be-all of tips, but those companies with credentials such as being recognized by the Better Business Bureau and other entities will more often than not be a good place to start with your search for a company.

After all, you want to make sure that the crew you entrust your repair job too will conduct quality work. A poor job will leave you and your family scrambling for costlier repairs down the line, so be sure to conduct thorough research and find one with reputable work so you don’t have to keep calling them back out.

4. Compare repair companies

Once you have narrowed your search down to a potential grouping, next comes examining all your potential options. There is a plethora of choices out there, and it is important to choose one that not only does quality work, but suits you and your family’s needs best.

One option is to scour the internet looking for reviews. Whether it be on blogs, Yelp, or Google reviews, there are plenty of avenues out there for finding such information, and doing so can give you a good idea of the quality of someone’s work. Another potential avenue is to ask friends and family who you trust about what company or repairman they would recommend.

5. Get multiple up-front quotes on an air conditioner repair job

It is human nature to want a job done as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to keeping our families comfortable. However, there is no substitute for patience and due diligence. Even if after comparing companies’ reputations and quality of work, there is no harm in finding out how much they will charge for a job of whatever magnitude is needed in order to keep your family comfortable while saving yourself money where possible.

Some repair jobs may cost a little more depending on their severity, and some of us are comfortable with that. It just boils down to what your specific needs are. Whatever the decision, there is no replacing quality research, even if the search takes a little bit longer. It is better to take the time and ensure someone can do the job right for the right price than the alternative. So if you’re looking for a quote, give us a call at Flex Heating and Air and we’ll give you an up-front quote.

Why choose Flex Heating and Air?

Especially during those steamy summer months, maintaining your AC unit is crucial to your comfort here in Houston. So at Flex Heating and Air, we will put you first. We realize you have a long list of HVAC companies to choose from, or that you may have been let down by a previous contractor. That’s why we will never take your business for granted and are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable HVAC services. We here at Flex Heating and Air take no shortcuts, and we will always be transparent about our process to ensure that we are serving your needs.

Air conditioner repair and maintenance can be a hassle at times, we understand. But at the same time, a few hours or days’ inconvenience in order to make sure your air conditioning unit is properly taken care of is surely worth it to save on potential future costs that would be incurred should a job not be done properly. These are certainly not the only tips out there for you, the homeowners, to help save money. But they can be a first step in doing the much-needed homework to save on air conditioner repairs.

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