winterize my ac

How, why should I winterize my AC? Flex has the answers!

Christmas time is coming fast – and so is the cold air, even though that can be a little sparser in Texas. So it’s never too early to ask “How can I winterize my AC unit?” In fact, doing so now can likely prevent headaches when those inevitable cold snaps do hit. And not having a functioning air conditioner may not seem like an enormous issue now, but it definitely will if it’s not running well the next time summer rolls around – or even if there’s a periodic scorcher between now and then.

In this blog, we will provide what we believe and hope to be some tackle some of the “how’s” and “why’s” when it comes to the importance of winterizing your air conditioning unit now instead of waiting until later. Much like with anything else, there is no time like the present to take care of business.

How to winterize your air conditioner


  1. Consider periodic checks to make sure debris is cleared away

Making sure debris and any other potential air-clogging materials are cleared away from your unit is paramount. Even if the unit is not running, any ice, sleet, or other type of debris can block that airflow whenever you do decide to turn your unit back on

After all, the U.S. Department of Energy also says a periodic self-check can help save you time and energy costs when it comes to AC and other energy takers.

  1. Talk to the manufacturer of your unit

Now, we recognize that the vast majority of people are not air conditioning technicians or gurus, and are relative novices when it comes to maintenance. So the next best thing is to call an expert. If all else fails, virtually nobody will know more about how a unit should be properly cared for than the ones who made it.

And if you’re not 100 percent sure about who to call, give our team at Flex Heating and Air a ring. Even with a number of manufacturers out there, there is a good chance that one or several of our experienced technicians have seen the make/model/etc. of your air conditioning unit and can advise you on how to best proceed with the winterizing process. It may seem trivial, but it’s incredibly important – we don’t leave anything to chance, and neither should anyone. Let us know how we can help you out.

  1. Call a professional

There are many ways to winterize the unit, such as making sure it’s free of debris, checking the insulation, and more. But at the end of the day, only so much can be done, especially when these jobs are just not in the purview of many people – we have to step back and evaluate whether the steps taken have worked or whether additional ones need to be implemented.

Ultimately, a trained technician such as the ones we have at Flex Heating and Air, are the best bet to come out to your home and inspect things to make sure everything is in order for when the truly cold weather eventually makes its way to wherever you are. We are always ready and waiting to make your family’s comfort a priority by way of a properly-prepared and maintained AC unit. We can come out and perform inspections at any time, and potentially suggest alternative methods by which to effectively winterize air conditioner units.

Why should I winterize my AC?

Now that we’ve addressed the “how” in the room, let’s examine “why” it is important to winterize – and generally weatherize – your unit. Many air conditioning units may be built to last long-term, but there are a number of variables that can impact the life of the unit – most notably the conditions that it is placed in. Much of this, we have no control over. But what we do have control over is the ability to protect it.

If a unit rusts over or deteriorates another way due to being exposed to winter elements, that can make it more difficult to turn the unit back on in the summer – and nobody wants that, especially in Texas. So if you’re unsure about any part of the process, be sure to give us a call at Flex Heating and Air so we can ensure your unit is properly cared for and maintained this winter.

Why choose Flex Heating and Air?

Even during the winter months, maintaining your AC unit is crucial to your comfort here in Houston – less for the short term, and more with the long-term in mind. At Flex Heating and Air, we will put you first. We realize you have a long list of HVAC companies to choose from, or that you may have been let down by a previous contractor. That’s why we will never take your business for granted and are committed to providing the highest quality and most reliable HVAC services. We here at Flex Heating and Air take no shortcuts, and we will always be transparent about our process to ensure that we are serving your needs.

The status of your air conditioning unit may not be one of even the first things you think about on a daily basis during these winter months that it becomes second nature to turn it off – but it’s also one of the things that is most crucial to ensuring your home and your family have a fully operational unit for the summer months that are in store. And a few hours or days’ inconvenience in order to make sure your air conditioning unit is properly taken care of is surely worth it for you and your family’s year-round comfort. These steps and winterizing tips are not a complete list, but it’s a good start, and they can be a first step in doing the much-needed work to make sure that both your cool air and the good times continue all year long – something many of our families and loved ones will likely appreciate once AC becomes the rage all over again in the coming months.